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SpiritWorks Trilogy

Wellness Immersed in Nature

In todays fast-paced cyber-based culture, people are disconnected from nature, experiencing burn-out, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, and illness.

We provide h high potency herbs and offer unique growth experiences grounded in nature’s intelligence because everyone deserves to experience vibrant health

and to feel good!

Our Trilogy incorporates our

organic Herb Farm and Apothecary,

Wellness Retreat Center

and Health Clinic with Craniosacral Therapy and Naturopathic Doctor.

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Our Farm's Story

High Potency Herbs for you!

Most people are unaware how to access the potency of the herbs they are using and often lack confidence in using herbs to address their health concerns.  

When someone uses low potency inert herbs, their efficacy is diminished leading one toe believe herbs are not an effective solutions for their health needs and are disappointed that they have wasted their money.

When someone uses potent herbs, they experience  their health enhancing benefits and are inspired to learn more about how plants support vitality.

We are passionate and committed to producing his potency herbs because our customers deserve to know they are getting the quality needed to address their health concerns.