The Intent of Our Teas


There are thousands of tea choices at your disposal, so why should you pick our tea? It’s simple: because we care. We care about your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and our herbs, and therefore our teas, are a manifestation of that caring. 


We are a small herb farm with hand-crafted processes to cultivate the land with love, care for, incorporating compost made right here on our property, because nutritious plants only come from nutritious soil. We  grow our herbs without the use of chemicals, herbicides, commercial fertilizers or mechanical equipment.   Our herbs are processed by hand, often including some stems which have medicinal value, and are delivered to you at their freshest and highest potency.

Currently we are evaluating the best packaging for our teas and are using plastic baggies.  We recommend that you transfer your teas into glass jars when you receive them, using the labels enclosed.  Please use this discount coupon for our initial tea release until we choose our packaging preference.  Enter 10% baggie discount, when ordering.  FREE shipping on orders over $100.


So, yes, there are a lot of teas to choose from. Many of them with flashy labels and snappy names, but we can almost guarantee that none of them were grown with as much care or love as our herbs.