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A brief introduction to who has been here and some of their experiences.

Reading this is highly recommended for those seriously considering coming here to get a realistic expectation of what the potentials and limitations are in our venue.  Please note date of comments as there has been a significant evolution in the leadership present in our learning how to align our intent to create awesome experiences with what is possible into reality.

  • "During my stay here, I learned more than I can possibly keep track of. I learned how to make jams and learned how to make crackers. I learned the art of caring for chickens and about plants and herbs and then all of them have some sort of meaning and place in this world it just depends where they should belong.I learned a lot about myself. I knew that I was always open to new things but I never expected that it would be an experience like this that would come into my life. Learning about chickens in farming with something that I never thought that I would do, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't know where it would fit into my life. And now I just wanted to be a bigger part of my life. I learned that I enjoy getting down into the dirt, which I knew before but in a little different way now. I also learned that if I continue to live out the dreams that I have made for myself I know that anything is possible because you have taught me that giving up is not an option and hard work is worth it. My goal was to come in hike the trail and to find myself. Turns out that I didn't need the trail I found myself right here. I never been in a place that felt so much like home and was full of so much love and excitement. Everyday was new and every day I learned more and more. My intention was to stay here for a night and wait for my friends, but I ended up staying for over a month and loved every second of it. I have no regrets and I will definitely carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. Enough so that I will definitely be back.There were so many high points of my stay. I will only name a few but one of them was the satisfactory of the chickens loving me just as much as I love them. Also the sense of accomplishment when completing an area that needed work or reading and walking away at the ends with it looking completely beautiful. Movie nights and cooking dinner were absolutely wonderful for me and the sense of family. The list goes on and on with my high points, every day there was a high point."


August 2018

  • "I wrote in my application that I wanted to “both grueling, sweaty outdoor labor and calming, reflective journaling and reading,” and I think this initial wish came very true at Spiritworks. I am proud of how I opened up on the pages of my journal, and found peace and empowerment in solitude (granted, not seamlessly or without frustration). Another goal I had outlined was to learn about an intentional model for treating plants and people, and I believe that my time at Spiritworks illuminated a type of conscientiousness and compassion for caring for plant and human (and animal!) life. As promised, Spiritworks provided me with an environment where I could learn from a textbook, from a mentor, and from digging in the dirt. I appreciated having the means to follow any whims or curiosities. I felt a rush of excitement when, during my first week at the farm, when I chose to research chamomile, I stumbled upon information about pineapple weed, an imposter that has a similarly calming effect as chamomile. I felt so excited by the prospect of being able to grab some of the abundantly growing pineapple weed on my walk back from the library to my kitchen and make a relaxing brew of pineapple weed tea before bed that night."


August 2018

  • "What did you learn - specific skills?

-chicken care

-seed starting

-intro to body dowsing, massage, and energy work

-some greenhouse skills (temperature management, etc.)

-writing business plans

-GAP planning

-organic certification process

-tree pruning

-setting up vermiculture bins

-some herb processing

-how to use a sauna

      What did you learn - about  yourself?  

-I enjoy morning yoga (early exercise has never felt good on my body before).

-The role I take within groups has shifted more towards one of leadership.

-I am able to let go of how I feel and go with the flow when it seems necessary for the greater good.

      What Went Well for Me:  What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were met?

-I gained the confidence and knowledge to raise and care for chickens.

-I have a basic understanding of what it takes to run a place like this. (Maybe less basic than I anticipated--I understand business plans in a lot more depth than expected!)

-I was able to work on personal discipline and establish a yoga practice that, while not what it would be at other times of day, works for my body.

-I used the sauna.

-I gained a good sense of Whitefish and its community and whether this is a place I want to be.

-I finished a leave-behind project I feel really good about.

      What were the high points of your stay? What did you like best about your stay?

-Living in community with people I cared about

-Exploring Glacier and the Whitefish Trail

-Using the sauna and hot tub

-Working with the chickens

-Getting to be on a beautiful piece of land and connect with the natural world here

      What did Lindy Do Well?

-I appreciated the whole orientation process, in particular the presentation of a clear set of standards for everyone to live by.

-Lindy does an amazing job of juggling many flaming torches.

-Role modeling a "can-do" attitude, in particular when it comes to farm work. There was nothing she asked us to do that she was not willing to do herself.

-Being open and available for questions, both for clarification of tasks and for other topics.

-Presenting a wealth of resources regarding diverse topics in which interns expressed an interest.

-Finding tasks that were well-suited to the doer.

-Setting guidelines for herbal presentations.

-Creating a calendar of the week--even knowing it was highly subject to change, I found this extremely helpful to orient myself.

      What Could Have Been Better:What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were not met?

-Due to the many other priorities on the farm (which I completely understand and have no problem with), weekly body work classes did not usually happen. It would have been enjoyable since Lindy has much to teach in this area.

-For the same reasons, we didn't get around to making jam. Some other time!

      What was difficult or challenging for you?  How did you deal with this?  

-I was surprised by how difficult it was for me to participate in eating group meals due to the food itself. I am accustomed to cooking for myself and did not realize the extent to which I fine-tune the foods I eat in response to the needs of my body. Often what was available was just not what my body wanted. I dealt with this by purchasing additional food for myself and eating that or not eating much at mealtimes when there was a mismatch between the food available and my physical needs. 

-It was difficult for me to not know what was next or when we were resuming work when there was a pause, not because of lack of flexibility but because I wanted to be efficient with my time. I dealt with this by trying to be at peace with what felt like waiting around.

      What could Lindy do, do better, do differently or not at all?

-As part of orientation, have all interns write a list of concrete goals and objectives for their time here. (I did this midway through my time here and wished I had sooner.)

-Maybe starting the week with herbal presentations so they don't get away from us.

      For Those to Come: 

What items do you recommend bringing for your stay here that should be on the list for Items to Bring sent to future interns/WWOOFers?  

-Personal tea mug (if you have one you prefer)

-Warm cozy blanket

-Clothes you can wear over everything else to get filthy

-Bandana or face cover for dusty work



-Shower caddy for personal toiletries to leave in the bathroom

-Snow boots (for early season interns)

     What expectations would you offer to those coming here that would make adjustments easier and realistic for creating a great experience?

-Try to give yourself up to the flow of things, accept whatever needs to happen, and let go of your expectations of how the day, week, or month is going to go. It feels better to go with what is needed and accept that this is subject to change.

     Reflections as you move on regarding your time here:   What will be your take away from your time here and how do you see that your time here might help you to move as you forward in your life?

-I have many smaller takeaway lessons, but my major takeaway is the importance of balance--in everything: learning, farming, and growing health, both at SpiritWorks and in my own life. Everything supports everything else. It's not possible to be healthy in one area without also being healthy in the others, and the quest for health is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Keep asking what is needed and how it can get better.

     What Else - Is there more?

-Lindy, I deeply appreciate your generosity and the wealth of learning resources you offered throughout my time here. Thank you for the opportunity to work and live with you on this land. My very best wishes to you and SpiritWorks. I look forward to seeing what grows here in the future.


March 2017

  • "What will be your take away from your time here and how do you see that your time here might help you to move as you forward in your life?  The importance/ benefits of structure and organization.  Putting like with like.  Looking for patterns.  Thanking the plants.  Setting intentions.  Take the time to appreciate the work you’ve done. Completing tasks/ projects before moving on to another.  "


November 2016

  • "What did you learn - specific skills? A lot! Mostly farm related skills. Water drainage in fields, how to mount strawberry beds, clipping chicken wings, setting electric fences, processing dried and fresh herbs, manually washing clothes, how to properly transplant, the most effective way to remove thistle and other pesky weeds, how to stack rock to make a wall, storage of root vegetables, cooking with herbs, jamming, the distillation process and tincture making. I guarantee I learned a lot more this summer, but there's really no end to what I learned.  What did you learn - about  yourself?  I grew as a person quite rapidly my first two weeks. I learned I don't need substances to be happy. I discovered my ability to communicate with nature. Working hard through the end of the day to completion of a task was huge for me. After culling the chicken, I discovered I am a vegetarian. I've learned that just because you trust someone doesn't mean they'll be here forever, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy your time with them. Also even though you may not know where you're going in life as long as you work hard you can always find a place to return."


October 2016

  • "What did you learn - specific skills?How to harvest different things on the farm, when to harvest, how to take care of chickens, dowsing, making Kombucha, how to work with strawberries, how to prune tomatoes, how to prune back plants, how to dehydrate herbs properly, how to use resources to learn about herbs and their benefits

What did you learn - about  yourself? That I am capable of doing things I didn't know about before, that I don't have to stay in one place to feel like I'm at home. That I can do whatever I set my mind to and things will fall into place

What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were met?  All of my goals were met, i came here hoping to learn about herbs and farming and I am leaving with all the information I need to start my own herb and vegetable garden.

What were the high points of your stay? What did you like best about your stay?

Doing things as a group, and working with everyone. learning all the new skills that I can take home with me

What did Lindy Do Well?  Everything, Lindy is amazing and has so much good energy and love to help us want to accomplish and do our best at anything we need or want to do.

What Could Have Been Better:  What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were not met?  I didn't do the amount of yoga that I had planned or wanted too. 

What was difficult or challenging for you?  How did you deal with this?  Waking up before the sun. Letting myself get accustomed to it, and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour

What expectations would you offer to those coming here that would make adjustments easier and realistic for creating a great experience?  Come with an open mind and a willing attitude. It can be hard and you will sometimes wake up with a can't do attitude. You can. If you try

Reflections as you move on regarding your time here:

What will be your take away from your time here and how do you see that your time here might help you to move as you forward in your life?  It will help me move on with an experience that I will never forget and will always be able to appreciate. It helped me get some clarity in my life, that I'm willing to move around until I find my place. '


September 2016

  • " I learned about community living, harvesting, de-flowering herbs, putting them to rest for the season, dehydration process, canning foods, making essential oils, how to tell herbal actions apart, compost teas, planting seeds, pruning plants, learned about chickens and horses.  What did you learn - about  yourself?  Learning everyday to be happy with who i am, and stand up for what i believe in. Finding peace here on the farm was very simple, yet the time flew by. Learning what path a want to walk. Still finding the stride i want to walk, but i truly feel like the farm has put me back on my feet. Ready to adventure.  Oh it all has been amazing, all i expected coming here was gaining knowledge about herbs, and herbal healing. I'm very satisfied with all i learned. Also very happy i got to spend time in Glacier National Park, a big reason i was interested in this area. Loved the park.  High points for me were working in the mandala, smelling all the herbs. Working with the chickens, and dehydrated herbs and uses fresh teas.  Lindy is great with being a team leader, cheering everyone on and letting us know how we are doing. Explaining how things need to be done, and when to do the. Also really great at keeping it fresh, and changing the pace."


Sept 2016

  • "I have learned how to can and make jelly, to transplant older plants, to make essential oils, to cook practically with herbs, to be able to cook for large amounts of people with specific needs, and a lot about horses. I have learned much more but that is all I can think of.  The most impactful thing I learned was to ask questions when I need clarification or help, to be honest about my feelings, and to follow through with what I say I will do. I have also learned that I am very emotional but I don't really know how to deal with my feelings.  I wanted to learn more about myself; I really hoped to create a space for myself that I could explore what I like and dislike, what I value, and overall who I am. I also wanted to meet new people from different places and to experience a different lifestyle than I was used to. I really liked being part of a small, close-knit group of people. I liked that I was comfortable saying I want alone time or I need a break and it could be received respectfully. I also really liked going on group outings like on hikes, to the farmers market, hitchhiking into town, and rafting. That was so fun! Lindy was really good at keeping a positive attitude that did not neglect to recognize when things were not going well. You were able to be upbeat and cheerful while also aware of people and their emotional and physical conditions. You were also very good at catering to our basic needs (like food) and kept us happy and alive!"


September 2016

  • "I can say that I learned about what it takes to run a farm in this day and age.  I came here wanting to improve my way of life, which included eating WAY better, slowing down my pace of life and taking time to become one with the land.  I think having spent almost six weeks here has helped me accomplish all of these things...I half expected to come onto the farm solely focused on myself and what I was wanting to get out of my time here.  Thanks to the folks that were here during my time, I not only felt like I was loved and supported, but moreso a part of something much bigger than me.  I also loved having the chance to explore other community members passions (Bobbi's farm, Rod's grafting, BK's cherry tree, etc).  Lindy did a great job in meeting each person's individual needs, whether that have been setting aside time to talk, providing resources for pretty much everything, and treating us like her own kids.  She was an outstanding role model in regard to work ethic and being fully committed to living a sustainable life....My biggest take away from this immersion is my relationship with myself and the community that has been created here.  I think I have found my individual strength, drive, and creativity.  I am thankful to have found these qualities as I take on the next step in my life.  Time and space working on this land has taught me balance and centered my inner being.  I feel like I have also learned basic skills to creating a sustainable lifestyle."


Summer 2016


  • "What did you learn - specific skills?

I learned how to plant seed starts, plant and produce transplants, prune tomatoes and other vegetables. I learned how to use various garden tools-- such as different hoes, tillers, pruners, loppers, shovels, etc. I learned how to harvest various fruits, vegetables and herbs based on their type, readiness, and abundance. I learned how to make jams/jellies/salves.

       What did you learn - about  yourself?

I learned a lot about my ability to build community, become increasingly and decreasingly flexible in various situations that arise unexpectedly. I learned to let the feelings of self-consciousness go when attempting something to in order to focus on the new task at hand. I learned i can be influenced by the emotional energies of others or consciously choose to recognize those energies and focus on my own. I learned that I try to create relationships that are comfortable for me but that may inhibit my ability to push myself.

       What Went Well for Me:What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were met?

I wanted to learn how to farm/learn about herbs and I feel like I did a decent amount of that in the past 6 weeks. I learned how to cook for a large number of people and accommodate others’ needs.

       What were the high points of your stay? What did you like best about your stay?

The relationships built here, the competence I feel I earned, I very much enjoyed living in the tent. Exploring with just other interns and then also as a large group. Being spontaneous in a large group can feel overwhelming or fun and I felt it was mostly fun given the feel of the group.

       What did Lindy Do Well?

Lindy fosters a space for people who come here to find common ground. Lindy has an abundance of knowledge of the things on her property and as she explains the land she does a good job explaining what she knows about each plant. Lindy intends to accommodate the needs of the people who show up the best she can.

       What Could Have Been Better:  What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were not met?

I assumed Lindy was an herbalist and thought i would get a more in depth, hands on knowledge of the healing herbs on Lindys property.

       What was difficult or challenging for you?  How did you deal with this?

Initially, being told that I was to feed Lindy/Arthur 3 meals a day did not sit well with me as I had never heard of other Wwoof hosts who made and prepared the food for the people on their farm. I felt as though we were not getting an equal exchange and the output I was putting in was not reciprocated. I was also under the impression that we were working 3-4 days a week with long days and then had 3 structured days of free time.

I dealt with this by coming to terms that it wasn’t reality and that I could choose to stay and accept how things actually function on the farm, or leave with the knowledge that it wasn’t what I thought had been advertised.

       What would have helped you to deal with this better that you could have done?

I think not internalizing others’ emotions, as discussed earlier and bringing my concerns up directly as they arose and not retrospectively could have saved me energy worrying about what wasn’t happening.

       What could Lindy do, do better, do differently or not at all?

I think having fewer expectations for future wwoofers as to what they will be doing when they get here and leaving it more open-ended will pave the way for folks who are more willing to go with the flow. I think Lindy enjoys the community that is created by the farm but could do so in a way that both fosters community with lindy intentionally and without lindy intentionally. I think both sides of that are important as the relationship with the leader of this land functions wholly separate/differently than with the other interns present. I think sticking to plans made while on the farm is ideal and leaving things flexible if there is uncertainty. I think Lindy can just be upfront with people about how the days will or wont go and how there’s really no knowing until you get there. That kind of peace-of-mind is helpful while trying to figure out how to navigate personal needs with the needs of the farm.

       For Those to Come:  What items do you recommend bringing for your stay here that should be on the list for Items to Bring sent to future interns/WWOOFers?  

A blanket, a book, a headlamp, some comfort food, sleeping bag, clothes that are fitting for both summer and fall weather and a journal.

       What expectations would you offer to those coming here that would make adjustments easier and realistic for creating a great experience?

To not have expectations and that you will need to learn/modify what your needs are in tandem with the needs of others.

       Reflections as you move on regarding your time here:  What will be your take away from your time here and how do you see that your time here might help you to move as you forward in your life?

I will take a lot away from this farm. I have a deep appreciation and love for Lindy and recognition of her intentions. I will take my time here as a memento of my ability to love and connect with others, pour my heart into new things and take the time to reflect on what it is I have just done, accomplished or unfinished."


July 2016

  • "What did you learn - specific skills?

-The basics of farming: The daily routine and the routine of a season, The basic skills (weeding, watering, planting, harvesting, adding mulch and fertilizer), How to view a piece of land from the eyes of a farmer (What needs to get done and when).

-Other skills: Caring for chickens, making jams, making salves, dowsing, transplanting, processing herbs, herb research.

What did you learn - about  yourself?  
I am learning to be happy in any situation I am put into. It is not the external that I interact with that determines my joy, it is the internal - me. My experience here: being flexible, having a good attitude, forming positive relationships, learning, having fun assures me that I am a great person. I am happy to be me.

Interacting with the external good and bad things that occurred at the farm has taught me a lot about myself - how I interact with myself in processing these things. By observing how I interacted with the energy on the farm I have learned a lot about myself.

Experiences that I felt the most stress from:

-BW leaving the farm

-AM spilling her past drama

-Personal discomforts with the problems I see in our society appearing to be supported on the farm: Consumerism, fighting against nature, lack of self sufficiency.

-Lack of lifelong friendships, jealousy of other friendships.

Through observing my reactions to these high stress situations I learned about myself:

-I get in the way of myself. I bottle up frustration and other emotions as I process situations. I must use these emotions as tools and guides for how to adjust.

-I use the problems of our society as a way to avoid dealing with personal problems. The problem I must deal with first is how to react to my emotions and use them as tools to make change. After, I can address the external problems.

-I am fully capable of letting go. I can love all parts of myself: the way I process things, communicate, interact socially. I can observe these parts of my behavior and adjust according to my emotions without tripping over my feet.

I want to step outside of the desire to fix the world's problems and find a perfect career. Instead I want to live in the present in a way that is enjoyable and in agreement with how I think the world should be. I want to trust that the future will be fantastic as long as I listen to myself, am filled with love, confidence, and joy, and trust that G-d is with me.

What Went Well for Me:  What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were met?
This has been an incredible experience. I have learned about myself, farming, community, and the world. I have been put in high pressure situations (intense work days, community drama, internal drama). I wanted to move dirt and grow as a person... I have done just that and in the process grew plants as well.
What were the high points of your stay? What did you like best about your stay?
-Conversations/ interactions with Lindy. The goofy moments but also the serious talks about life.

-Adventures with the interns through deep talks, intense workdays, off days, etc.

-Letting go: being able to share my honest, blunt opinion (I no longer tell lies); Jumping off a bridge, jumping off a cliff.

What did Lindy Do Well?
-Her attitude is an excellent example. Her can-do-no-problem attitude with a smile at all times is very inspiring.

-Being transparent, direct, honest made it easy to have a conversation with Lindy and form a positive relationship with.

-Clear guidelines, expectation, recommendations for how to be successful at the farm and have a good experience.

What Could Have Been Better:  What goals/intentions/expectations for your time here were not met?
-More flow with nature, more self sufficiency, less consumerism.

What was difficult or challenging for you?  How did you deal with this?  
-Community time with Lindy seemed out of balance at times. Her big personality made community time with her very different then community time without.

-Lindy should balance being part of the community and being the boss. This would be especially valuable during group activities outside of the farm on off days. Consider calling the farm "our farm". This will encourage others to take ownership of the farm. 

What would have helped you to deal with this better that you could have done? 
I fully trust Lindy and her methods of putting people in an intense atmosphere that creates dramatic personal growth. I fully embraced the philosophy that issues are internal problems, not external. I was able to go through this experience telling myself that it isn't Lindy that is the problem, it is my attitude and I was able to adjust myself. For that reason I tried to look past the problems I list below. Some of the problems I believe were brought up as a way to avoid personal problems.

-I sometimes felt like I was at a summer camp: consuming, taking, being more of a burden than a gift for Lindy. Often, I felt like I was just moving dirt which was great for personal growth but not for producing the desired output.

-I felt as farmers that we were not biding by "nature is the ruler" philosophy and that we were contributing to the mess.

-Self sufficiency was not shown. The farm has been a huge investment for Lindy. This experience did not show me that farming was easy or possible to be sustainable as a career.

What could Lindy do, do better, do differently or not at all?
It is early in this farms growth and Lindy is still figuring out how to make SpiritWorks a sustainable project. Currently, the focus seems to be more about landscaping than producing output to create income or producing food for personal use. A lot of the food/herbs produced are not sold and are composted. Purchasing less from grocery stores, finding more ways to sell/trade products of the farm, and using more from the farm in meals would make the farm more sustainable.
What expectations would you offer to those coming here that would make adjustments easier and realistic for creating a great experience?
-Be prepared for full emersion and little routine.

-Have a positive attitude, be flexible and open to challenges, and trust that Lindy has your interests in mind

-Bring all of your focus and energy to everything you do on the farm: forming relationships with Lindy and the other interns, working the land, exploring yourself.

Reflections as you move on regarding your time here:
What will be your take away from your time here and how do you see that your time here might help you to move as you forward in your life?
-See personal growth section.

-I am excited for the future, I love myself, the world is beautiful. 
What Else - Is there more?

Thank you Lindy. This has been an incredible experience for me. I have truly enjoyed my time here. You are an incredible person to put together an experience like this. You have inspired me and changed my attitude on life."


July 2016


  • "Congratulations on this beautiful article about SpiritWorks! I am so beyond happy to hear that all your hard work continues to pay off. Although I had already heard your story first hand, re-reading how you used gardening to cope with your emotions and had to overcome your own struggles with dealing with people to have Spirit Works come together in the way it has, was truly inspiring. It is remarkable that you have done so much with your land, and paid it forward in a way that has shaped so many lives--as I can say from personal experience.  With every success of SpiritWorks, I am that much more grateful to have had the honor to be a small part of its growth. The time I spent on your farm will always be one of my most precious memories and it continues to shape what I do every day! You shared with me how food is our deepest connection to the earth, and is a connection that should be honored and respected. I am currently studying food sustainability in school and will be doing research on the circle of poison of the food industry in the United States this fall. I really have you to thank for sharing your passion and knowledge with me to help me find what I hope to contribute to the world."


July 2016

  • "One of the main things I found through this experience is that I often shy away from hard work- and when I do take on more difficult tasks, I allow myself to believe that the bare minimum effort is all that I have in me. Through small steps of taking on more responsibility, and putting in my best effort even when I'm not being applauded for it, I feel much more contented and stimulated. I have realized that I am fully capable of taking leadership roles in certain situations, and problem solving independent of others opinions- which is something that I have long been devoid of. I have also found that I am often rushing to get certain activities done so that I can get back to doing things that directly benefit my own ego. Not only does this create a sense of purposelessness in doing anything for the good of anything other than myself, but it also contributes to me putting in less than my best effort in to these activities. Discovering this and actively working to refrain from those engaging in those patterns has allowed me to have a fulfilling experience here and I believe it will allow me the same in the future. I REALLY enjoyed working, spending time with and getting to know Lindy and Lily, working and learning about the chickens, cooking farm to table meals, spending time watching course videos and learning when time allowed, biking downtown, seeing Glacier multiple times, and the general absence of overstimulation on the farm which allowed for me to fully immerse myself in the moment. One of my favorite days here was spent driving from Kalispell to St Ignatius with Lindy, getting to see the land and hearing a bit more about her interesting life. Lindy always made sure to be very clear with instructions on tasks that she assigned and never assumed that I had any previous knowledge in farming, which was a big relief. She also was always very patient, kind, forgiving and showed SO much consideration towards my personal experience on the farm. I loved feeding off of her constant enthusiasm and energy. I also really appreciated her willingness to take to the Park, lend me her car (thank you so much again!!) and show me around Montana a bit. She was always very open to new ideas and opinions, and her passion and love for this healing land really inspired me to work harder and more intentionally every day."


May 2016

  • "I cannot begin to express my experience at SpiritWorks Herb Farm, but it was truly powerful, and I am grateful for the time I spent on Lindy's farm. Working for Lindy will require you to draw upon unexpected wells of selflessness, learning to put the farm's and your peers' needs before your own. Lindy has an inspiring level of energy for everything she does, and expects that level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone on the farm. On SpiritWorks you will learn much about permaculture, herbal remedies (among other ways of physical and spiritual/emotional healing), and a variety of general farming practices. You will get to see other farms in the area, and learn from the community as a whole. You will learn how much one very determined person can do, and (when asking for help) how much a community can accomplish. I think it is a good idea to really consider why you want to be a part of this experience, what you're expecting to give to the community, and what you're honestly expecting in return for it."


    December 2015


    "Wwoofing at Spiritworks has been one of the most fun and eye opening experiences of my life! I'm writing this review proudly wearing my Spiritworks T-Shirt that Lindy generously sent out to us all. If you're really interested in learning about farming this is one of the best places to be. That being said, farming is a lot of hard labor and if learning about all the painstaking work that goes into living off the land isn't your focus then this probably isn't the place for you. I've never worked so hard in my life but I loved every second of it and Lindy was always appreciative and quick to spoil us at the end of the day (usually with ice cream.).  Montana is absolutely beautiful too and Lindy has great tips for exploring Glacier and the Flathead area. Over my month at Spiritworks I learned a lot about myself, became a healthier and happier person, & made some really amazing friends. I'm absolutely coming back next season."


    December 2015



    "This was my first, and long awaited farming experience. Working at SpiritWorks for a month gave me a better understanding of the drive that exists inside myself, how to utilize, and encourage that drive. Being in relationship with the wonderful people involved with Lindy's farm, hearing stories about those that were there before, and embracing the incredible landscape that has come out of those collaborations opened my mind to many possibilities. Lindy herself is an inspiration to see working so tirelessly to achieve what she has set to create. She sets a high bar with her work/life ethic, and being able to meet her bar is truly rewarding. She was consistently encouraging, and providing of insight into the change and progress which you contribute. On top of it all she was very attentive to each person's own creative ideas of how they wanted to contribute based on their interests. I sought an opportunity to feel at service to something positive and sustaining, with no particular expectation, and came out having learned more about myself, and the land, than I'd hoped. Lindy also provided plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful outdoor attractions, other farms of interest, and local communities."


    November 2015


  • "Spiritworks was my first wwoof farm and at first I was apprehensive but quickly became excited to work each day. Lindy is very welcoming and if you're someone with a positive attitude and are willing to work you will have a great time here. A popular saying among us was "teamwork makes the dream work" so working together and having fun makes it worthwhile. The other wwoofers and I became good friends and work was fun for us and we had a great time together. We got to see Glacier and explore the surrounding towns, if you're not sure what to do Lindy has great recommendations."


    October 2015


    "For three weeks, I considered Spiritworks to be home. My friend and I are on a cross country roadtrip, and it was so comforting to stay at a place where everyone is so happy to see each other and work together. I made many friends while staying here, and saw some incredible sites, since we had the weekends off. During the week, we (me, Cali, and the other wwoofers) worked hard and learned more about farming than I ever imagined that I would. We made meals together, soaked in the hot tub together, went hiking/exploring together, and most importantly, laughed together. The environment nurtured instantaneous friendship. Lindy has built an incredible place over the past few years, and I am honored to have been a part of that process. I DEFINITELY recommend working here!"


    October 2015


    "SpiritWorks was in the beginning states when I visited in March of 2015 through June. We began many projects and finished many others. I was able to learn much about myself, farming, and taking on both multidimensional projects. The space has grown quite abundantly in only the few months since I've been there, and this is Lindy's way. She takes on what may seem to be more than she can chew, but she gives her best and that is what springs forth from the land. When you feel you are ready for a deep cleansing and attunement to yourSelf in a profound way come here because it's what is needed and expected. Let Divine Grace bless this space and all that read this for all of Life."


  • "I spent 4 weeks on Lindy's magical land during July 2014. This is a place of depth and richness, and it is the perfect place to discover just how much depth and richness you have inside yourself. Be ready to work! You certainly get out what you put in on this land. Lindy has an incredible homestead, designed and kept up with her creativity, intelligence, determination, and mind boggling work ethic. As an intern on this land, you are expected to be a part of all the aspects of making the farm run. This means strenuous, repetitive work, as well as the 'fun' stuff. You are expected to be an integral part of the farm. Lindy teaches you the skills to do this on your own, and has endless knowledge and experience that she shares willingly. If you have an appreciative attitude that can find the beauty and worth in all work, especially the hard stuff; then you will appreciate this land. The food provided is abundant, nourishing, and gives you all the energy you need to contribute to the farm and take in the wonders of Montana. In addition to learning how to grow and tend plants, Lindy has a wealth of knowledge in body work, healing arts, and spiritual practice. Lindy was kind enough to take me and the other interns on fantastic adventures: biking in Glacier, floating down rivers, cherry-picking above Flathead Lake, and full moon parties! Lindy and her land are gracious givers, but know that you are coming here to give as well. Before coming, I recommend that you have a good understanding of what you want to get from your woofing experience, what you can give, and what you expect to learn."


    January 2015

  • My time at Spritworks was transformative: learning about sustainable agriculture, living in harmony with the land and nature, exploring the great landscapes of Northwestern Montana, working alongside people on the same journey of discovery; rediscovering my own work ethic and sense of self.    Can't wait to go back!      K.H.

  • “I am so glad that you have found SpiritWorks' WWOOF page. This page, when it looked a little different in the August of 2014, was my catalyst for a life-changing ten weeks on Lindy's farm - an experience which continues to shape/encourage/humble/inspire me. If you are curious about the lessons that nature offers you, in relationship or by example; if you wish to be fueled by plants of which you facilitated the growth (remembering how a seed is nourished by soil, grows, is harvested and consumed, and then bodies use its nutrients to BUILD itself again and how amazing!); if you are drawn to Glacier National Park; if you recognize a part of you which desires to grow and to be of service; if you are passionate about sustainability, recycled material creativity, organic farming methods, bees, vegetables and strawberries; if you are passionate or curious about the benefits of medicinal herbs; if you can work and play hard...(If none of these things, but you are still reading and feeling drawn to this farm)...Please consider coming to SpiritWorks. (If your interest is to simply couch surf, bum around, and then claim to have had a real taste of life on a farm, I ask you kindly to retreat from this page on your browser and honestly consider why you are holding yourself back from a bigger life.) Real Life and What to Expect: This place is the real deal - the land had never been tilled until Lindy created her gardens. The soil is as pure and nourishing as it gets. Consider what you want to contribute, what you want to bring with you, what you wish to contribute&leave behind, and what experiences you want to take with you. Lindy has an incredible work ethic as well as ability to reflect and communicate. She is one of the most inexhaustible, inspiring, creative, generous and honest humans that I have had the honor of knowing and learning from. (In the garden, she will probably run circles around you and that's OKAY, She will show you what it looks like to be aligned with one's life's purpose and passion.) Every day offers new experiences, as well as the opportunity to be aligned with nature's way and priorities. We would often work hard in the cool mornings and save weeding or less-labor-intensive projects for the heat of the day. Some beautiful sunny days were ideal for farm work, while others for field trips to the Park, neighboring farms, or the river. Some rainy days are best for indoor projects, trips to the hot springs, or work on the farm when It Needs To Be Done. I did not anticipate how having my hands in the dirt every day would help to ground me and open my eyes. I did not anticipate how harvesting herbs for hours would awaken a passion that I didn't know I had. My response to farm projects often reflected how I am in other aspects of my life, and I am grateful for how I was encouraged to recognize and appreciate this, as well as practice change in a safe space. Finally, her son Arthur, pup Jake, dear friends, the land/farm/meadow, THOSE SUNSETS, and neighboring small towns all contributed to a wonderful and memorable experience. phew, I've said a lot, but can never speak highly enough of this place. I wish you all the best in your journey and decisions!”


  • “I spent a week on SpiritWorks farm during the beginning of November this year (2014). It was a great week of good work that gave me a sense of ownership for each of my tasks, and taught me to take pride in what I did. Lindy, who runs the place, was willing to teach me the reasoning around every task I performed and made room for a novice like me to innovate and take initiative. My time on the farm helped to straighten my head out, realign my mind which had been spinning far too fast, and got me back in touch with the land. In talking with her I came to realize that a day's work was like a magnet transforming a nail into a magnet. At the start the nail has no polarity, is entirely confused and pulling every direction; but by one steady line of work without distraction the mind aligns itself to a single polarity, and it too can serve as a magnet in the end, given time. I hope anyone that goes finds the same satisfaction I did in the work and in the time spent there. Lindy was also very helpful in showing me the area, which is surreal. After a good days work, go sit on the edge of Flathead Lake, and stare up at the mountains, watch the water run down the sides in tiny ribbons. Fall in Montana may never be beat.”


  • “I worked on Lindy's land for 6 weeks in July and August 2014. My experience was one of deep learning and inner transformation. Her extensive background in organic farming and the healing arts allows her volunteers to learn a variety of things, about the earth, the plants, energetics, and themselves. I would recommend Lindy's place for those who are intelligent, self-directed, independent, curious, playful and diligent learners and workers. Upon arrival, she asks you to create a list of your reasons for being there: your personal goals, what you would like to leave behind and what you would like to take with you. This self-inquiry sets the tone for the experience, as every action and project can be a learning experience if you allow yourself to reflect on the ways you show up moment to moment. It was great to see what was created in my time there. I learned beautiful lessons about the power of creation and manifestation. I would be happy to speak with people about my experiences and answer questions about my time there.”


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