ONE OUNCE  of Calm the COVID Tea contains elderberry, rosehips, nettle, lemon balm, baikal skullcap, white horehound, catnip, yarrow, raspberry leaf


Steep one teaspoon tea per cup hot water. Recommendation: brew for only a few minutes and feel free to brew the same tea herbs more than once - that’s how potent this tea is! To even out the taste, do what Mary Poppins would do! Add a spoonful of sugar or a dollop of our local honey!



Flu season? In the middle of a pandemic? Packed with immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties, this tea packs a punch that’ll knock any illness on its back.


Certified Organic, Cultivated, Harvested, and Processed by hand. The Montana Department of Agriculture tested our soil negative for 263 chemicals in 2019. 


If out of stock please email us at to be notified when we restock. 


Calm The Covid Tea


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