ONE OUNCE of Women’s Delight Tea is a blend of lady’s mantle, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, lemon verbena, chamomile, rosehips, rose petals.  (Steep one teaspon tea per cup of water 5-15 minutes)


Taste notes:

  • Floral notes in the beginning
  • Tangy
  • Light taste - if you’re wanting a hot beverage when you’ve already had enough coffee
  • Early summer, late spring day?
  • Buttery smooth



There are a few days in late spring, before the heat of the summer, when the air smells like fresh rain, wet dirt, and freshly bloomed flowers. Women’s Delight Tea tastes like those few perfect days: the weight of winter has been lifted off your shoulders and the endless possibilities of summer are just around the corner. 


Certified Organic, Cultivated, Harvested, and Processed by hand. The Montana Department of Agriculture tested our soil negative for 263 chemicals in 2019. 


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Women's Delight Tea


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