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For Prospective SpiritWorkers 

wanting to explore coming here this season...


Looking for something to do that is outside?

that’s intimate with nature?

that’s productive in that it contributes to local food and herbal medicine supply?

that makes the world feel like a better place?

that honors health and safe interactions?

Our primary focus within the community we create together is learning, farming and building health, individually and in community with each other. We will also be welcoming vacationers for during their wellness farm stays to participate in our farm, health building, and learning activities.

2022 Update:


He hope to open our farm for educational tours regarding growing and using herbs on-site.

We are accepting applications for our 2022 herb farm team --  

  • one full time paid position May - October

  • three full time apprentices/interns

  • part-time volunteers.  

All interested persons can find the application process here.

A thorough exploration of this website is recommended prior to applying.

A NOTE REGARDING COVID: Those coming here this season will be expected to test for Covid within 72 hours of their arrival and to self-monitor for symptoms and a potential need to quarantine.  Your presence here during lends itself well to social distancing while working. Wearing masks when in the close proximity of others may be requested.

COLLEGE STUDENTS: We accept applications from students with a college approved Apprenticeship or Internship Program for the upcoming season, February through October.  Every college of interested students to date has approved Carolyn "Lindy" Dewey, MS, as a Site Supervisor for accredited learning here.  Those not in an accredited college internship program may apply, however a rigorous learning program and contract will be expected to for your stay here and preference will be given to those on a career track in agriculture, herbal medicine, culinary herbalism.


Our focused attention loving this land has benefited from over seventy pairs of hands, creating a medicinal herb and food farm and wellness retreat venue with a strong educational focus.  Our evolutionary synopsis follows below:

2014 cleared trees, fenced the big garden and intensive soil building practices begun

2015 first year with interns - carved out our terracing and created layout of our mandala with a focus on soil building

2016 put up high tunnel, focus on strawberry crop to support further farm herb development

2017 continued with establishing herb perennial plantings and began chicken egg enterprise to close in our loop for soil building with their help, established our farm within this community and beyond as an experiential educational venue for farming, learning and building health. 


In 2018, we expanded the SpiritWorks Herbal Apothecary, fine tuned our herbal processing techniques, and honed our hospitality services for retreat and campground guests.


In 2019 we:

  • - created our trilogy team with a Farm Manager, Apothecary Manager and

  •   Program   Manager

  • - developed our state-wide and out of state wholesale markets,

  • - continued to develops nursery stock for plant sales,

  • - designed and implemented our weekly educational offerings for those living here

  •    and within our local community, 

  • - created our culinary herbalism farm to table meal options to be offered to

  •    retreat guests and as the mainstay of our nutrition for those living here,

  • - designed and executed the planting beds in the high tunnel

  • - offered wellness education and farm stay wellness retreats that focused on farming,

  •   herbs, yoga, cooking with organic food and herbs, creating a health building lifestyle,

  •   and exposure to the healing arts practiced by Lindy (  

  • - began offering week-long Herbal Boot Camps with an intensive stay of one one week

  •   per month with activities that focused on main projects requiring integrated team work

  • - we developed our program for Apprentices and Interns with set orientation arrival

  •   dates and a minimum stay of   60-day (Apprentices) and 30-day (Interns) total

  •   immersion work commitment with full participation in the community we create

  •   together. Participants were immersed in the on-site daily schedule dawn to dusk

  •   (which includes 2 hours daily personal time) five days a week. Time off included

  •    group and individual fun (rafting, hiking, swimming), farm visits, or personal time

  •    for rest, recreation and relaxation.  

2020, due to the pandemic, we shifted to a minimal socially distanced work force with local employees and suspended our educational offerings to limit the spread of Covid.  We sold off all of our chickens and converted the chicken house into a wellness spa.

In 2021, we learned that farming is a perfect vocation during a pandemic.  We all stayed healthy, enjoyed our distancing when necessary and had a very productive season.  In addition to focusing on the harvest, we focused on our marketing, social media, on-line store and developing our wholesale partnerships.


If you have found this tab and read this far, we imagine that your interest in being here is high. Please work your way through the information on the additional tabs under HOW TO APPLY  and if you are ignited with the passion we have, we will look forward to reading your thoughts and then, to speaking with you.

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