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Please see specific Apprenticeship and Internship Descriptions for Details specific to your role.


Your food and accommodations are provided in exchange for your immersion in farm living with the fees associated with the experience you are here for.   We work as a community five days a week, dawn to dusk with time scheduled for farm work, food preparation and meals, structured and self-directed learning, yoga, and personal time.  All are asked to participate fully in the community schedule.  Rotations for Saturday morning Farmer's Market is expected.  Everyone has two scheduled personal days a week.


Anticipate working long days, often with an early start to beat the heat, with a "can-do no-problem attitude" that reflects one's joy for the delights that cooperating with nature yields.  The benefits of these long days include strengthening the body, clearing the mind, and creating more time for play and research.  The sun sets late here and there are fantastic outdoor and cultural opportunities throughout the region on your personal days..


Everyone is expected to be on-site 24/7 five days a week; individual schedules will vary to cover the farm every day..  For those who feel they need to work an outside job, we encourage you to meet your financial needs before coming here as it is disruptive to the community we create, and it dilutes your ability to get the most out of the comprehensive immersion experience offered here.


Learning Opportunities are scheduled weekly, either on-site or visiting other farms.  When we visit other farms, we work until their work day is done, sometimes starting early and working late.  


Some educational offerings may have a fee for participation, depending upon what the facilitator requires.  If so, participation is optional.  It is recommended that you bring a cash reserve of up to $500 for these events.


Communal Responsibilities for assisting with food preparation of meals and keeping food area functional will be rotated. Time eating and meal prep are part of the immersion farm work agreement and are a important time for community building. Rice, eggs and beans will be provided in sufficient supply to augment the freshly picked garden bounty for your nourishment. Which meal and the rotation will be worked out by consensus of those present.


Anticipate a community meeting every week, and more often when needed, to discuss concerns that are emerging and what is going well and what can be improved. We are constantly learning how to bring our best to this venue and how to improve our community experience.  The goal is for everyone to have a memorable and valuable life experience here and to feel valued for their participation in and contribution to the emergence of the highest potential for a bountiful harvest, learning, health, individual personal growth, and with the intimate with nature lifestyle possibilities here.

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