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Apprenticeship & Internship Opportunities

We have four apprenticeship and two internship learning opportunities available this season. 


Our apprenticeship and internship programs are for those looking to deepen skills and experience in Farm Management, Herbal Apothecary Marketing, Culinary Herbalism, and Wellness Program Design and Implementation.

Our rigorous, experiential educational programs are highly structured to meet the requirements of most academic institutions.  These are not work exchange farm offerings.


Our curriculum includes hands-on learning opportunities with a fee that covers room, board, instructional support with supervision, and extensive resources (library, training courses, etc)  for research into related subject areas.  Participants will be expected to research and present weekly on relevant topics of their choosing. 


Our days are organized to include fieldwork, meal design and prep, coursework, and personal time.  Students will establish learning goals at the beginning of their program.  These goals will be monitored weekly.


We require a minimum commitment of two months for  apprentices and one month for interns.  Preference will be given to those seeking college credit experience and to those able to make longer commitments in order for us to build a highly functioning integrated community with constancy.

These programs are intensive immersions designed to develop leadership, competence, and skills for participants.  

Please see Descriptions for each position to see if what we offer is a match for what you are looking to develop for yourself.

If you are interested in applying, please see the next tab below this one.

Click on the Apprenticeship or Internship Description you are interested in:

Farm Management Apprentice

Herbal Processing Apprentice

Herbal Nutrition Apprentice

Program Director Apprentice


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