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Local Opportunities

Educational Opportunities


We are excited to have created strategic partnerships with people around the valley who can teach/mentor, with love and passion for sustainable lifestyles and homesteading skills, in various areas of how to do more with less and with what is available in all dimensions of homesteading, farming, health-building, and rustic living skills.  


Some of the opportunities possible include:

  • Several local herbalists

  • Earth oven building

  • Workshop by Montana Coop, a state wide distribution system with a Whitefish Hub 

  • raw food prep

  • farmers markets 

  • a local organic seed company

  • green architectural strategies and building including Cobb houses

  • bee keeping

  • in depth gardening experience and knowledge of herbal preparations and putting food by, canning, freezing, dehydrating, storing

  • other potential projects include building solar food dehydrators,, solar water heating know-how and the list expands quickly whenever I put my attention on it.    


We have also identified others in the valley and within a days drive of Whitefish, who are doing various sustainable lifestyle activities, for field trips.  There may be diverse exposure to other agricultural and homesteading ventures entailing day long and in some cases, two to three day field trips around Montana.  These visits will have us working dawn to dusk to get an in-depth feel for each farm’s operation.

  • 1800 acre organic grain farm

  • 95 acre permaculture project installed in 2014

  • an off-grid farm 

  • three local organic farms serving the Flathead Valley, with presence at the Farmer’s Markets here

  • Equine Assisted Learning - Learn the Language of the Horse from a seasoned Centered Riding Instructor who since 1970 has trained and worked with horses and humans and has a 47 acre horse farm with 20-25 horses

  • All opportunities will be interest driven by those present


We are interested in helping others to learn how to develop marketable items and skills.  All this is within the scope of possibilities for what one may create here.

Part-Time Employment and Community Service Opportunities


There may be opportunities for part-time employment. However, most find that the intensive nature of the immersion experience offered on the farm leaves little time and energy for outside work.  As a group we can consider a diverse spectrum of Community Service Projects we may choose to support.  


Local Recreational Resources

We absolutely insist on having fun.


SpiritWorks Herb Farm offers a location close to Glacier National Park and a lots of fun things to do that are easily accessible when not working  (biking, rafting, hiking, camping, zip lines,  farmers markets, music, theater, etc.)   There is a basketball hoop on-site.


Bicycles and inflatable white water kayaks are available for your recreation. 

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