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Accommodations and Lifestyle

We welcome newcomers to our farm on pre-designated orientation days.  This has proven to be most effective for integrating you into our community and for building strong friendships.  Inquire regarding the orientation days for the coming season.


Our lifestyle is communal in that we share the activities that support what we do - food preparation, clean-up, herbal and wellness learning, logistics for educational and farm activities.  How this works is determined by those present and may be highly structured or determined on the fly.  During the past few seasons, those here choose do breakfast on their own. Lunch and dinner were prepared and shared together.

We all participate fully in a farming immersion lifestyle, dawn to dusk.  There is personal time in most days for research, reflection, rest and relaxation and two personal days a week.  Schedules may include weekend responsibilities, with a week day off..  Our daily activities include, farming, herbal projeccts, food preparation and meals, yoga, self-initiated research and learning opportunities, classes, and hands-on experiences (webinars, outside presenters, presenting what we learn to others, making salves, distilling essential oils, visiting other farms etc.)  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings we may go to local Farmer's Markets. Wednesdays 2-7pm the farm is open for tours and farm sales in the farm store apothecary.

Your lifestyle here includes both an indoor and an outdoor shower with heated water, an old fashioned wringer washing machine and clothes line for laundry and a sauna, cold plunge tub, and wood-fired hot tub. We have a communal farm kitchen, and under cover outdoor eating area.  To modernize the rustic nature of this venue, there is a coffee maker, rice cooker, crock pot, toaster oven, cell phone reception and wi-fi (use of cell phones and wi-fi is restricted to personal time).

A secure space for your personal valuables will be provided.

Our extensive library is available for your use in the library area.

The summer sunsets are spectacular and we share this property with various wildlife.


Local Recreational Resources


We offer a location close to Glacier National Park and a lots of fun things to do that are easily accessible when not working  (biking, rafting, hiking, camping, zip lines,  farmers markets, music, theater, etc.)   There is a basketball hoop and mile-long cross-country trail on-site.


Bicycles and inflatable white water kayaks are available for your recreation. 

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