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Please Note:

  • Please no smokers as nicotine stunts the growth of the plants and second hand smoke is a health hazard to others.  


  • Singles, couples, both genders welcome.   I anticipate no more than nine farmworkers present at a time; However there there will be additional farm stay guests and campers. 


  • Experienced agriculturalists and neophytes both welcome.  We all learn from each other and from Mother Nature.


  • Rides into Whitefish (5 miles) or Kalispell (9 miles) can be coordinated.  


  • English spoken here


  • Dog on site, bringing your own pet is not an option.

  • Cell phones and Internet devices are to be used only during personal time in designated areas.


  • Zero tolerance for use of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs during your stay here.  Those who have been here have mentioned the benefit of abstaining from these substances while engaging in a vigorous and strength building lifestyle.




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