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Announcing Our Triskelion Farm Team

I am most excited to announce that Todd Nestell and Megan Neary are joining me this season to manage SpiritWorks Herb Farm and Retreat Center. For two years, I have known that this venue could not develop it's full potential without leadership help and now it is here. The three of us have created a Triskelion Management Team. For those who do not know, a triskelion is the celtic spiral of life and we have a 63 foot herbal triskelion mandala on the farm to hold the energetics of our mission to learn, farm, and grow health.

So with great delight I introduce our team:

Megan Neary, Apothecary Manager, Assistant Farm Manger and co-Assistant Program Director was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She studied Geology and Geophysics at Purdue University. After college, she began working as a seismic engineer for an oil and gas service company.

In an effort to give back to the land, rather than aid in its exploitation, she served a summer as a youth crew leader for Montana's Conservation Corps. Her love of the Flathead Valley, interests in farming, and wellness led to her occupancy on SpiritWorks Herb Farm since August of 2018.

She now serves as the Apothecary Manager, Farm Manager Assistant and co-Assistant Program Director. She is able to express her fascination of regenerative agriculture and herbalism in these roles.

Megan loves to play outside. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, music, art, learning new things, traveling, and cooking. She also trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Todd Nestell, Farm Manager, Assistant Apothecary Manager and co-Assistant Program Manager grew up in a small farming town in West Michigan.

After community college, Todd decided to leave his job as a landscape Foreman and begin traveling the US. Throughout numerous occupations Todd began to sense his dream job lied somewhere between working to promote nutrition, and having a connection with land and what it can produce.

On a whim, and in an effort to travel, Todd landed as a Spiritworks intern in 2016. Two years later he returned only to realize Montana was where he wanted to be.

Stepping into the roll of Farm Manager he is eager to show what he's learned in years as a professional landscaper and incorporate that knowledge to organic herbal farming. He is grateful to be free of environmentally harmful products of his previous trade and to promote personal health and well being for all.

Todd's hobbies and interests include backpacking, photography, thirfting, music, and d-i-y. He's constructing his future tiny home.

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