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Wellness Talks in Whitefish

Hello and Happy Spring from Dr. Sam Madeira at Apollo Health Clinic from sunny Seattle, WA!

I hope you are doing well this Spring, and your seasonal allergies aren't too bad. Email me ( for our email from 2 weeks ago to read about how to cope with seasonal allergies!

June is Men's Health Month! For this reason I will be sharing health tips both in my Facebook groups and in Instagram about how to help improve your heart health, testosterone (all hormones - thyroid, adrenal glands, etc.) health, and brain health!

Stay tuned for those posts. If you are not in those groups see the links below and request to join! Fill out the 3 questions so you can be accepted into the groups too! (I look forward to seeing you in the Apollo Health Tribe Facebook group! And men you can join the Men's only Facebook group, Live Strong!)

Here's what new with Dr. Sam Madeira at Apollo Health Clinic this week:

Thursday, June 6th - Friday, June 14th I'll be in Whitefish, Montana seeing new and current patients at my clinic there. Please apply for a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call here to discuss working with me. I've been seeing patients since March 2019 and plan to continue to visit every 2 months or so to see current & new patients there! Between visits, I am available for phone consultations.

I will be in Whitefish, Montana giving some live FREE health talks on Testosterone, Autoimmunity, and the Metabolic Reset Program. Patients in our Metabolic Reset Program are losing up to 25 pounds in 10 weeks! We will have a guest share their experience during the program during the second hour of Tuesday nights talk! If you would like to sign up for an event you can use this link. The talks are Sunday, Jun 9th; Monday, June 10th; and Tuesday, June 11th at 5:30 PM Start time! Please register and bring a friend or family member!

I am reviving & rebranding my Health & Wellness podcast - Medicine Exposed Podcast to the Dr. Madeira Show - Testosterone Optimization & Full Body Health for the High Performing Man see the banner below! And plan to record weekly episodes about Hormone & Metabolic Health - weight loss, hormone & testosterone optimization & current events, more! I will be recording in June about Testosterone Myths! So pay attention to your emails in June for the first new episodes to be released! You can listen to the previous episodes here.

I am excited to share this Herbal Medicine Making Retreat at SpiritWorks Herb Farm and Retreat Center in Whitefish, Montana, which I am co-hosting with herbalist & owner of Herban Wellness in Kirkland, WA, Katya DiFani. The dates for the retreat are Friday, September 6th - Tuesday morning September 10th. Please register if you want to attend! Read more about the event details.


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