Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy now available at our on-site Clinic

My son Dr. Sam Madeira, owner of Apollo Health Clinic now is prescribing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to appropriate clients. Wondering if you might benefit from this therapy? Read the blog he just wrote on the appropriate use and benefits of HBOT. https://www.apollohealthclinic.com/benefits-of-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/

Follow up with your questions and interest with Dr. Madeira directly at this link. https://www.apollohealthclinic.com/apply-now/.

For those currently in HBOT treatment and looking for a vacation but not wanting to interrupt your treatment program, please contact Dr. Madeira for session scheduling and consider our Retreat Venue for your stay. https://evolve.com/vacation-rentals/404263