SpiritWorks Certified Organic Chicken Business is for Sale

Our chicken business is for Sale $15,000. We have developed highly efficient labor-saving methods for tending to our hens, a high market demand for our certified organic eggs, a diverse flock of heritage breed hens, and a high demand for our eggs locally.

This is a complete package with everything needed to set-up and go!

Call Lindy at 406 260-7098 to discuss.

  • 16 different breeds of over 300 heritage hens 1-2 years old and up to four roosters

  • 36 nesting boxes with unique labor saving design

  • perches with drop boards

  • low maintenance no-waste bulk feeders

  • watering system that keeps water fresh and clean includes heaters and back stock of chicken nipples and 10 5-gallon buckets

  • 3 galvanized feeders for oyster shells

  • Complete baby chicken set-up includes 48 egg incubator, brooder box with heat lamps, small feeders and waterers

  • Housing - 1) moveable Chicken A-frame housing 2) hoop house structure 3) chicken tractor with electric fencing and charger for protected, easily-movable free-ranging 4) five compartments for pullet pens

  • egg washer

  • eggs weigher for grading

  • back stock of egg cartons

  • basic design for my labels to be modified for you if you wish to keep brand recognition

  • the coop radio (These birds have listened to NPR 24/7 since hatching and one bird knows how to change channel for rock radio.)

  • my market outlets - These eggs are in high demand and are consistently sold before they are laid.

  • my place in coop for bulk feed order pricing (25% savings on Feed)

  • 15 hours of operational consultation over your first six months includes my experience and strategic ideas to help you get efficient management systems in place and running smoothly

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