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The Holistic Metabolism Reset: Reversing Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes

Date And Time : Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:30 PM

Location :

Walking Bear Resort

Walking Bear Lodge

176 Hodgson Pines Way

Whitefish, Montana 59937

Description of FREE Talk :

Many of us today have slowed metabolisms. Our bodies are not using food to create cellular energy as efficiently as when we were younger, so we are all lead to believe we can never feel and look in shape and fit again no matter what we do. It's frustrating and our blood sugars are off, and we might have high cholesterol too! We might suffer from fatigue and multiple failed attempts to lose weight.

There's a holistic and natural way to reset your metabolism with quick results without drinking fake chocolate food shakes and where you get to eat real food.

Come learn join us to learn:

  • How others have lost 25-42 lbs in 10 weeks!

  • Reversed Diabetes

  • Reversed Metabolic Syndrome & High Cholesterol

  • Been able to safely go off Cholesterol medications

  • And dropped pant sizes in less than 10 weeks!

Learn about a holistic way to safely achieve all this and more!

We will have a patient in the Metabolic Reset share their experience with you all and answer your questions.

Come learn about real stories of people who have achieved their Metabolic Reset goals and optimal weight holistically.

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